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A Guide to Towing a Trailer or Caravan

A Guide to Towing a Trailer or CaravanAre you considering towing a caravan or a trailer? You might be going on holiday, needing to move household items, possibly transport a boat, or you could need to tow as part of your business. If you are then you will need to familiarise yourself with the current rules and regulations with regards to towing. There is a wealth of things you will need to know before beginning to tow. To help you to be able to stay within the law and tow safely we have created this guide full of advice and tips to support you. Continue reading

Introducing a new initiative aimed at improving the safety of towed trailers

FREE Trailer Safety Check

In the interest of safety we have introduced a free trailer safety check scheme for all braked and unbraked trailers throughout Devon.

We are offering trailer owners a free safety check, consisting of a simple report which will highlight any defects the trailer might have, We will inform you if there is any aspect of the trailer that is not safe and legal to use on the road. Should any faults be identified you can either instruct us to undertake the work at an agreed price, we can supply the parts for you to complete the work yourself or you can take the trailer to any garage or workshop for the work to be completed. Continue reading

How to Fix a Noisy Creaking Caravan Stabiliser

A stabiliser that clamps to the towball, such as the popular Winterhoff WS3000, uses friction pads clamped tightly to the towball. This helps to prevent the caravan or trailer from swaying or snaking, and with some stabilisers, pitching and rolling as well. The pads are made from a similar material to brake linings, so that when in contact with the steel towball they will form a high resistance. Continue reading