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Jockey Wheels & Props

A jockey wheel or prop stand is often the most frequently used part of a trailer and caravan when manoeuvring. They can often be essential for moving heavier trailers and caravans, either loaded or unloaded.

Moving a trailer or caravan without a jockey wheel can be back-breaking work, especially on surfaces like gravel or sand.

A caravan or trailer jockey wheel comes in a variety of sizes and strengths, from lightweight that are ideal for moving camping trailers to heavy-duty for large commercial trailers and caravans.

Props stands are usually fitted on trailers rather than caravans, adding prop stands to a trailer offers safe loading and unloading, especially if you need to work on or in the trailer, such as a van trailer or a catering unit.

Manufactured in the UK, Kartt Jockey wheels are quickly becoming the must-have jockey wheel trailer. They are of high quality, and innovative designs put them above their rivals. The high visibility orange wheel helps easily ensure the wheel is fully up from the ground whilst doing final visual checks before driving off with the trailer. The handles have an ergonomic design; this makes turning the jockey wheel easy. Kartt jockeys have proven to be strong and reliable. This is the reason the Caravan Club now recommend them.

Caravanners often worry about the nose weight of their caravans. Excessive nose weight causes strain to the vehicle and leads to the caravan being unstable. Al-ko offers a jockey wheel caravan with a nose weight indicator to give you peace of mind every time you hitch up your caravan.

Jockey wheels can be beneficial if you need to move trailers in tight areas; especially twin or triple axle trailers. Jockey wheels or a prop stand at the front of the trailer can also be used when storing a trailer outside. If it is left nose up, it helps to drain rainwater out of the trailer preventing it from damaging the trailer's floor.

It’s not just the jockey wheel that needs to be tough enough for the job, so does the jockey wheel clamp, and we have many different options to suit your needs.

If your unbraked trailer doesn’t have a jockey wheel, one can be easily fitted without having to drill holes in the trailer thanks to our easy fit clamps. Manufactured by Maypole, these fix the clamp around the drawbar.

Prop stands are metal poles with a metal plate welded to the base. They are often called trailer legs. They are bolted to the corners of the trailer. Prop stands give a trailer or caravan stability while it is being loaded or unloaded and prevents single axle trailers from swinging like a seesaw.



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