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Autoreverse Brake Exploded Diagrams

from Western Towing –

Knott Brake Springs Knott Adjuster Knott Cable Cover Knott Brake Shoes Knott Brake Shoes Knott Brake Springs Knott Brake Springs Knott Expander Knott Adjuster Knott cable connector

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Please see below for ALKO Brakes



Al-ko Brake Springs Al-ko Brake Springs Al-ko Brake Springs Al-ko Cable Connector Al-ko Expander Al-ko Brake Shoes Al-ko Brake Shoes Al-ko Reverse Lever Al-ko Cable Cover Al-ko Adjuster

Please click on parts required for further information


ALKO IDENTIFICATION – stamped on back plate near centre or around edge e.g TYP 2051.
Further recognition: First two digits of number give drum diameter (cm).
Second two digits give shoe width (mm). e.g. 20 (200mm drum) 51 (50mm wide shoe).


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