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Mudguards are a very simple but key part of any trailer. Mudguards prevent spray and road muck flying up from the wheels.

All of our trailer mudguards come in strong but pliable plastic which can be easily be bolted directly onto a trailers body or mounted with mudguard brackets.

We do stock a range of tandem mudguards in our shops in Exeter and Newton Abbot, Devon. So our local customers are welcome to come and look at them. We do suggest bring along the old one to check the sizes. Unfortunately, due to expensive shipping costs, we are unable to ship tandem mudguards.

If one of your mudguards is damaged on your Erde, Daraxa, Duuo, Noval, Ifor Williams or Indepension trailer, you do not have to go to the trouble or expense of getting an original or matching part.  As much as it’s nice to have your trailer looking symmetrical, there are no rules saying they must look the same as long as both mudguards are securely fixed to the trailer and are the appropriate size.

All trailers with wheels outside of their body must be fitted with appropriate mudguards. They must cover at least a third of the trailer wheel’s circumference and must be wider than the wheel.

The maximum width of a trailer is 2.3 metres this includes any fitting, including mudguards. Commercial trailers often mount the wheels underneath the trailer body. This negates the need for mudguards which allows the trailer body to be at the maximum width.

One of the most common reasons trailer mudguards break is when they have been stood on during loading and uploading. As tempting as it is to stand on plastic mudguards, they are simply not designed to take much weight. Galvanised mudguards are naturally stronger but the cost of steel and high manufacturing costs have made them uneconomical. Although we no longer stock galvanised mudguards, we are still able to order them from various manufacturers such as Indespension, Brian James, Woodford and Erde. They offer specially made mudguards with a grip plate on the top to allow for easy use and to use the trailers’ full potential.

If you need nuts and bolts they can be found on our Trailer Fittings page. They are sold in singles so you don’t have to buy large packs for a small job. We also have many other items, such as wheel and tyres, hubs and couplings.


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