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Duuo Trailer Accessories

The Duuo trailers were amongst the most innovative small trailers that have ever been produced. The Duuo could be used as a flat bed trailer or a box type trailer. It can then be folded into a compact box with castor rollers so the trailer can then be manoeuvred around and easily stored.

It was with a very heavy heart that we had to make the decision to stop supplying the Duuo due to the high price and an unreliable supply chain.

We can still supply a few spare parts for these trailers but unfortunately, this is very limited.

The Duuo trailer has an internal box size of 125cm x 109cm x 51cm. This gave it 700 litres of capacity. The gross weight, the maximum weight it will carry including its own weight. This gives it a carrying capacity of 400kg. It uses 400/480×8 wheels and tyres.

Duuo later brought out their Duuo Plus trailer. This trailer was 170cm long, 125cm wide and the box was 51cm high. This gave it a 1050 litres capacity. The gross weight was 700kg and carrying capacity of 550kg. The wheels were 550×8. Unfortunately, this wheel size is now discontinued. The wheels can be replaced as a pair to the 500×10 but you will need to double check the clearance.

Please see our electrical and lighting selection for replacement parts, such as electrical plugs, 7 core cable and light units. Unfortunately, we are unable to definitively say what light lens or light unit are fitted to a specific trailer. All our different light lenses and units are on our online shop. If you have any doubts, please feel free to send us photos and we will happily help you to identify the correct parts.

We can also supply replacement coupling heads. These can be found on our unbraked coupling spares page, along with the safety chain. Carefully check the size of the box section of the trailer. They are usually 50mm but it is always better to check.

We can also supply jockey wheels or prop stands for the Duuo trailers. With our Easyfit clamps, there is no need to need to drill the trailer. These can be found on the jockey wheel pages.

We also have a small brass lock which is quick and easy to fit. It provides peace of mind that a potential theft will be slowed down. Other security items can be found in our online shop.

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