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Erde Trailer Spares

Erde trailers are one of the leading names in small trailers in the UK. Built in France, they are very user friendly. A well maintained trailer shouldn’t need any parts replacing. However, as with anything we use, parts may need to be replaced to help the trailer at its best.

At Western Towing we provide many spare replacement parts for the Erde trailers, including bearings, hubs, light lens, light units, replacement wheels, plugs, looms and body fittings.

There are far more spare parts available for your Erde Trailer so if you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.

From Erde coupling heads to light lenses, there is very little we can’t supply for your trailer. This is because the trailers are flat packed and are fairly simply to put together. Although we suggest that we assembly it for you to ensure it is completed to the highest standards. It also means that all the parts simply both and unbolt from the chassis.

The most common spare part we sell is rear light lenses and light units. Unfortunately, accidents happen every now and then.  As times have changed, so have the looks of the Erde trailers, from the colours of the stickers on the body and the light units. So not all Erde trailers have the same lights fitted. Please check this carefully. We are happy to help if you are unsure.

We also supply trailer lighting looms. These can be customised to only include the rear light units but also if your trailer has a separate fog light. They can also be upgraded to a 13 pin socket instead of the standard 7 pin plugs. If your vehicle has the modern 13pin socket without the need for an adapter, we also sell the 13 pin plugs on the electrical and lighting page of our online shop. The guides and information page also gives advice on how to replace a 7 pin or 13 pin plug. There is also an interesting page showing loads more information about the Erde and Daxara trailers, including tyre pressure and wiring for the plugs into the light units.

The trailer wheels and hubs are very easy to maintain. We sell all the parts you could need including replacement bearings, oil seal (not on all models), hubs nuts, wheel studs and nut, hub caps as well as entire hubs and replacement wheels.

Other replacement spare parts include tailgate hinges, tipping body catches, and reflectors.

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