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It is amazing to think of the huge range of wheel and tyres that are fitted to trailers. It is imperative that the correct ones are fitted. Trailer wheels are classed the same as cars wheels. So if your tyres are worn or under rated for the trailer, it can result in a fine and points on your driver’s license.

Getting the correct wheel and tyre for your trailer is fairly simple once you understand the jargon. We at Western Towing can cut through the complicated terms.

We are here to help. Our information pages show many tools to help identify the correct wheel for you. Of course, our friendly staff is happy to help too.

The tyre size it printed on the wall of the tyre. It refers to the width of the tyre and the size of the hole in the middle. These numbers will also tell you the size of the wheel rim as it is not the diameter of the wheel itself.

The pitch circle diameter or PCD can cause a lot of confusion especially as there are many that are very similar. Some PCD are measured in millimetres and others are in inches. We have a very simple calculator on our information to help figure this out.

There is also an interesting guide on tyre weights and pressures on our blog.

The most common wheel for unbraked trailers is based on the original BL Mini. The PCD is 4inch (101.6mm) There are also European hubs that uses 100mm PCD. This may not sound like an amount worth worrying about but it’s enough for the wheels not to sit properly. The simplest way to tell the difference is the 4 inch PCD hubs are often fitted with a grease nipple in the centre boss. This means the rim has a centre hole with a notch cut out to allow for it whereas the 100mm version doesn’t.

Launching trolley wheels have hard plastics rims and inflatable or hard plastic tyres. They are usually fitted to a bar with a washer and R- clips. They are very similar to wheelbarrow wheels. These are not road legal so must only be used off-road.

We have a selection of wheel accessories including wheel braces, tyre pressures gauges, wheel chocks and spare wheel carriers

We now have yellow checkpoint wheel nut indicators which provide a clear visual guide of a wheel nut or bolts movement so a nut or stud can be tightened up before the wheel becomes loose.

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