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Choosing the right towbar

Nissan Qashqai towbar fitted

At Western Towing we have been fitting towbars for over 43 years, a lot has changed in that time, mostly the complexity of the electrics rather than the towbar. Many vehicles now require ‘dedicated’ electrics with software uploading to the vehicle so that important safety features can operate when towing. This has made towbar fitting to some vehicles more expensive than it used to be, but towing is now much safer.

Commercial Towbar Fitted

We have been NTTA accredited towbar fitting centres for many years but we have now decided not to renew this year and pass the savings onto our customers. We will continue to follow the industry best practices when fitting towbars. Many organisations such as The Caravan & Motorhome Club and The Camping & Caravanning Club expect these high standards. You can be assured we will offer you the best options available for your vehicle and to suit your trailer or caravan. Please contact us for expert advice and a competitive quote.

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Towbar Fitted to Car

Flange Towbar

The style of towbar is also a matter of preference. Still popular is the Flange Towbar, developed in the UK, which offers the facility to add accessories such as bumper protectors, stabilisers and cycle carriers. The Flange type towbar also allows for the standard ball to be replaced with an ALKO compatible towball.

Towball mounted Cycle Carriers can also be used with Fixed Flange Towbars.

Swan Neck Towbar Fitted

Swan Neck Towbar

If your vehicle has reversing sensors it is generally advisable to have a detachable towbar to avoid interference.

The Swan Neck Towbar is popular with vehicle manufacturers as their original equipment towbar and is also popular in the rest of Europe. Becoming more popular in the UK for towing caravans as it is compatible with ALKO stabiliers. There is no flexibility to add accessories but some prefer the appearance of the Flange ‘two bolt fixing’ type towball.

Towball mounted Cycle Carriers can also be used with Fixed Swan Neck Towbars.

Detachable Towbar fitted

Detachable Towbar

Further thought may be given to how a towbar affects the appearance of the rear of the vehicle when it’s permanently fixed in position. A Detachable Towbar is the option that overcomes this. There are two main types of detachable, those that when the towball is removed, no sign of a towbar is left, even the electrical socket flips under the bumper! and those that are slightly visible. The exact design usually depends on the vehicle type.

Since the towing neck can be removed it is possible to avoid interference with parking sensors. Detachable towbars are also compatible with ALKO stabilisers and towball mounted Cycle Carriers.

Witter, TowTrust, Brink and Westfalia are the UK’s leading towbar manufacturers. We recommend them for their build quality, strength and unobtrusive designs.

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Tow Trust Towbars
Westfalia Towbars

Many vehicle manufacturers also choose these towbar manufacturers as their approved equipment because of their reputation for making excellent products.


Our Towbar Fitting Service

We’ll fit a quality towbar and together with either standard hard-wired or ‘dedicated’ electrics (depending on vehicle) to our usual high level with a full guarantee.

  • Genuine Lifetime guarantee on the towbar and 12 months guarantee on all the electrics

  • The towbar is finished in a high quality black top coat which gives excellent protection against corrosion

  • All holes that need to be drilled or scraped clean of mastic are protected with underseal to ensure no rust can occur where the towbar meets the vehicle chassis

  • The towbar is fitted by our experienced fitters in accordance with the towbar manufacturer’s instructions and industry best practices.

  • Bypass relays are always fitted to vehicles with sensitive wiring if a ‘dedicated’ electrical kit is not required

  • 12S electrics (Supplementary caravan wiring) includes the latest high amp self-switching relays & power supply to cater for all types and makes of caravan including the most modern caravans with large fridges

  • 13 Pin electrics combines 12N & 12S into one high quality plug & socket connection. We only use the correct 13 core cable which includes 5 x 2.5mm² cables and complies with ISO11446. New caravans supplied from 2009 will be fitted with 13pin electrics

We have been fitting towbars since 1977 so we have gained a wealth of experience in that time. We are constantly striving to give the best towbar fitted at a competitive price. Please contact us on 01392 216336 for a quote. Lines are open from 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 12.30pm on Saturdays or complete the quote request by email below

We don’t offer a mobile service as we believe it is not possible to fit towbars, or more importantly, the complicated electrics to vehicles at the roadside or on a driveway. Work on today’s vehicles should be carried out in a suitably equipped workshop. There is the added advantage of knowing where we are should you need us!

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Towbar Fitting is only available from our Exeter Branch from 1st December 2023.

Please Note: Some electric, hybrid, sports and small vehicles may not be able to tow. Please check that your vehicle can tow. The towing capacity should be shown on the log book, if not then the vehicles' chassis plate will show a gross vehicle weight and a gross train weight. The difference between these two weights is the towing capacity. If there is no gross train weight or the train weight is the same as the gross vehicle weight then, unfortunately, your vehicle is not allowed to tow or have a towbar fitted to it. It may be possible to fit a bar that is only suitable for taking a cycle rack.

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