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Lighting Boards

Trailer lighting boards play a crucial role in ensuring road safety when towing trailers in the UK. Governed by specific laws and regulations, these lighting boards are essential accessories that provide visibility and signaling functions to trailers being towed behind vehicles. Understanding the legal requirements regarding trailer lighting boards is imperative for all trailer owners and drivers to comply with UK law and maintain safety standards on the road.

Boards are designed for durability and easy installation, LED versions have waterproof lights that are ideal for reliability.  Selecting the right board is crucial, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimal visibility on the road.


Legal Requirements for Trailer Lighting Boards in the UK
In the UK, the use of trailer lighting boards is governed by the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 (as amended). These regulations outline the mandatory lighting requirements for trailers of different widths and dimensions, ensuring that they are adequately illuminated and visible to other road users.

Basic Lighting Requirements (All Trailers)
2 x side lights
2 x brake lights
2 x indicators
2 x Reflective Triangles
At least one Number plate Light

The total width of the trailer must be taken into account when choosing the correct width lighting board.  Each Indicator must be no more that 400mm from the outside edge of the trailer (including mudguards).

Other considerations are:
For all Trailers over 1,300mm wide at least 1 x Fog Light must be fitted on the right and it must be at least 100mm from a stop light.

For all Trailers Built after 1990 at least 2 x Front Reflectors must be fitted.

For all Trailers Built after 1990 over 1600mm wide (Except Boat Trailers) at least 2 x Front Reflectors must be fitted.

For all Trailers with GVW over 750kg (Braked Trailers) at least 1 x Reverse Light on Left must be fitted.

Trailers with GVW over 750kg (Braked Trailers) over 6mtrs Long at least 2 x Reverse Lights must be fitted.

Generally on all trailers:
The maximum height of a light board off the ground is 1500mm or if this is impractical due to the construction of the trailer it may be mounted at a maximum of 2100mm.

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