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Daxara Trailer Spares & Accessories

Western Towing has been supplying Daxara parts and accessories for many years. In this time, we have gained a wealth of experience in the replacement of spare parts and the best accessories to suit your needs.

Daxara are made in the same factory as Erde Trailers in France, so many of the Daxara trailers share the same accessories as the Erde trailers.

Here at Western Towing, we can supply everything you could need for your trailer. From high quality trailer covers, including covered high-sided frames, spare wheels and brackets, replacement light units and lens to replacement coupling heads and locks as well as replacement bearings and hubs.

If there’s anything you can’t find or you have any questions, feel free to call or email us. If you haven’t purchased a trailer yet, we can help too.

Whether you use your trailer for camping or trips to the tip, Daxara trailers are the ideal solution. One reason for their popularity is the wide variety of spare parts and accessories.

We often tell customers if they can only get one accessory for their trailer it should be a spare wheel. It is recommended that the tyre pressures and wheel nuts are regularly checked, especially before a long journey. Having a spare wheel will allow extra peace of mind. Daxara also make special brackets for their trailers so the spare wheel can either be mounted under the trailer body or on the side, depending on the trailer model. This ensured no space is wasted inside the trailer.

Most Daxara trailers come with maintenance-free, sealed for life bearings. However, these may need replacing as the trailer gets older when they begin to rumble. Replacement bearings or hubs are easy to fit and need no special tools.

Do you feel you have outgrown your existing trailer? Daxara do offer a wide range of trailers sizes from the compact Daxara 107 to the Daxara 218, ideal for light commercial use. If you are not ready to go to the next level yet, Daxara offer great accessories to help. Like their 30cm high vinyl cover that comes complete with a metal frame.  Or even ABS hardtop to offer additional space and security.

Western Towing offer a wide range of security items to ensure your Daxara trailer remains safe. This includes wheel clamps, locking wheel nuts, coupling locks as well as lockable hard lids to keep your camping gear or your valuables safe, while you are on-site or going out on adventures.

You don’t have to feel limited in your Daxara trailer. We also offer load bars that can be fitted along with the lockable hard top or with a flat cover or cargo net. Once the load bars are fitted you can then add roof mounted cycle carriers or items that are slightly long then the trailer body, perhaps even a roof box.

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