Al-ko compensator & bowden cable change

from Western Towing –

The first Al-ko bowden cables used to have a threaded end with a curved nut, this was later replaced with a ‘mushroom’ type end. Unfortunately the newer mushroom type cables will not fit on the compensater which was designed for the threaded end type. Either a new compensator is required or a modification is required as shown below.

Old Style Al-ko compensator

Early Al-ko compensator for bowden cables with threaded end. Cables no longer available from Al-ko.

New Style Al-ko Compensator

Current compensator with slots to allow fitting of new Al-ko cables with ‘mushroom’ type end.

A modification of the old type compensator is required to accept the latest ‘mushroom’ type cables.

Al-ko Compensator Modification


Cut a slot of about 4mm wide on each side to allow the cable to pass through.

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