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Erde Motorcycle Trailer Spares & Accessories

Anyone who owns a motorcycle or knows anyone who does will agree a motorcycle is their pride and joy. So if it needs to be moved without being ridden, it makes sense to put it in the best hands possible. Erde trailers have become one of the most respected names in the industry. One reason for this is the amount of accessories they offer for their trailers, including ramps, rails and spare wheel carriers.

If you don’t own an Erde motorcycle trailer please pop in and see us in our showrooms in Exeter or Newton Abbot, Devon. If you aren’t ready to buy we also hire motorcycle trailers

Erde make Motorcycle trailers in three different sizes.

The PM310 is a single bike carrier which is ideal for small motorbikes, such as dirt bikes.

The CH451 & CH751 come as a bare chassis so that you can add up to three rails to allow for up three bikes. Each rail has a metal hoop for the front wheel to be secured to. Unfortunately, due to the length of the rails and high shipping costs, these are for collection only.

We also have fitted phenolic plywood bases. This is especially useful for large motorcycles such as Harley Davidsons. It means the bike can be ridden onto the trailer and safety dismounted.

Loading ramps makes loading your motorcycle easy. The Erde original can be stored on the trailer meaning it’s not taking space in the boot and in a convenient place when it’s needed to be used again.

It is important to ensure the motorbike is securely strapped to the trailer. We suggest the loop on the trailers rail is used to hold the front wheel. The rear wheel then secured around the trailers chassis with a third strap to secure the hand bars. We have a huge range of ratchet straps in stock that come with a variety of fittings. We suggest plastic coated ‘S’ hooks which protects the motorcycles paint work. An alternative is the strong sewn hook.

A spare wheel and spare bracket is an essential accessory for any trailer. On the Erde, the spare wheel bracket mounts the spare wheel underneath the trailer so it is out of the way but still accessible while there are motorcycles on it.

The Erde motorcycle trailers share many of the same spare parts as the rest of the Erde range. If you are looking for hubs, wheels, bearings or couplings then we can help.

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