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Electrical and Lighting

It is important that you can see and be seen when out and about on the roads. This is especially crucial when its dark or when the great British weather hits. Unfortunately, we are not able to help with seeing but we have everything you need to make sure your trailer is seen by other motorists.

We at Western Towing have a range of electrical parts for your trailer and vehicle as well as extension leads and plugs to keep trailer, towbar electrics and lights working together. This includes trailer light units, light lenses, light bulbs, reflectors, trailer plugs & vehicle sockets.

If you have a broken light unit or light lens on your trailer, never fear. We have many replacements in stock ready to be sent to you. This includes brands like Aspoeck, Rubbolite, Radex and AJ.BA. Many easily bolt on or off the existing fittings already fitted to your trailer.

We have many LED light units. Replacing traditional light units with bulbs to LED light units has many advantages and disadvantages. LED’s can be more reliable and less prone to water damage. However, if an LED light unit is damaged, it tends to be more costly to replace. LED’s can cause problems with some vehicles that don’t have LED compatible electrical kits fitted.

If you have an electrical problem with your trailer/ caravan or vehicle, it is important to first work out which is the problem. Check the caravan/ trailer with another vehicle and test the vehicle on another trailer, caravan or lighting board. If the vehicle is at fault first, check the towbar’s fuses. Then check the socket to make there’s no obviously problems there. It’s normally best to take the vehicle back to the towbar fitters for a complete check. If it’s the trailer or caravan, it’s often easier to find. Check all the cables and connections for possible issues. We have a lot of useful information on our website, plus all the parts you must need. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In recent years, there has been a change from the 7pin trailer and caravan electrics (12N & 12S) to the European style 13pin system that combines the two (One black, one grey) onto one socket. It is advisable to ensure both trailer and vehicle has the same style. However, this is not always possible, especially if you are only borrowing the trailer. We have adaptors in stock that will quickly get you on your way. If you choose to make the trailer and vehicle match, it is often easier to change the trailer electrics. We have all the plugs you need. If you need help to do this, we have many helpful tips and wiring diagrams on our website. We are also on hand to help over the phone. Our workshops in Exeter and Newton Abbot, Devon are also happy to do the job for you.

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