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Looking for brake shoes, brake drums, complete back plates, brake springs, bowden cables, hub nuts or bearings? Look no further. We have it all.

We cover the major manufacturers. Alko Kober, Knott and BPW. All the products are kept in stock. You should have no trouble finding what you are looking for.

We understand it’s difficult to know the correct names of a trailer’s braking components. Our guides and diagrams page show exploded diagrams of the most popular brake set-up to ensure you get the correct parts.

If you have any queries, we are on hand to help.

The easiest way to tell Al-ko and Knott brake shoes apart is that on the Knott brake shoes, one has a metal carrier, which puts the brakes into reverse. With Al-ko brake shoes, they both look the same and they have a separate reversing lever.

Original brake shoes often have the manufacturers name and part number stamped in them. If not, once the manufacturer of the brake shoes has been determined, the size of the brake needs to be established. This is the internal diameter of the brake drum and the width of the rubbing surface of the brake shoe. Both are measured in millimetres.

There have always been copy brake parts available. In the past, we have refused to stock those as the quality has nowhere near matched that of the original equipment. However, the compatible have recently become just as good as the originals. We still suggest using the manufacturer’s parts, where possible.

Finding the correct bearings for your trailer may feel like a minefield. We hope to make the process as simple as possible. Bearings have numbers on them. These numbers can be rubbed off or become difficult to read, if the bearings have become rusty. Knowing the manufacturer of the brake drum or hub is a big help in figuring what bearings are needed. This is often stamped on the hub.

Bowden cables (often called handbrake cables) are easy to identify the correct style. We have clear photos of each of the available end fittings. It is important to check that there is no extra part that does  not form part of the original cable, such as clevis and cable connectors. The length of Bowden cables are usually determined by the length of the outer cable which can be black, blue or red.

Stainless steel cables are also available these are water resistant so keeping them well greased can prevent them from rusting and seizing.

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