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Erde & Daxara Bearing Kits

Small camping and goods trailers like Erde and Daxara trailer are very useful. Especially for getting rid of garden rubbish and camping trips.

Proper maintenance will keep an Erde or Daxara Trailer running for many years. One of the simplest parts to keep maintained is the trailers bearings.

Most Erde or Daxara trailers have sealed for life ball race bearings. These should be noise free while the trailer wheel is spinning. Any rumbling from the bearings means they should be replaced. This is a fairly simple job that only requires a few tools.

We can usually determine the bearings that are fitted to a Erde or Daxara trailer by its model number. Alternatively the type number is cast into the trailers hub.
If you need any further advice on trailer bearings or how to replace them please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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