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Boat Support

Having a boat is a wonderful hobby; spending warm sunny days on the water without a care in the world.

Moving the boat and getting the boat on and off the trailer should be just as carefree. Ensuring the boat is properly supported on the trailer is a big help towards this goal.

We at Western Towing have a wide range of boat supports, no matter what part of the boat needs extra support. This includes side supports and keel supports.

Wobble rollers are fully adjustable and allow the rollers to give the boat maximum support to the boat for extra security.

We have many boat rollers in stock and ready for dispatch. They come in many sizes and shapes, like the flat rollers that look like a cotton reel or the V shaped rollers. Most come with either a 17mm or 19mm bore. As tempting as it is to purchase a 19 mm bore roller with a 17 mm spindle for ease of fitting, they should be kept to the same size. The aim is that the roller spins with the spindle, not on the spindle. The rollers will be a tight fit at first. We have found using the old trick of washing up liquid or bathing in warm water really does help.

The brackets can then be bolted or u-bolted to the trailer. Our full range can be found on our trailer fittings page. On the page, we also have an assortment of support tubes and clamps for the rollers to be mounted on.

The dumbbell roller provides great support especially for larger trailers. We have original Indespension rollers that will fit perfectly onto your Roaster Coaster trailer.

We now have in stock non- marking, blue wobble rollers that will not leave streaks to your trailer’s hull or sides. These come as either separate rollers or complete dumbbell assemblies. The dumbbell rollers come complete with two ribbed rollers, nylon brushes, washers and split pins.

An alternative to rollers is carpeted bunk. This option is only really feasible for smaller trailers which can be lifted onto the trailer, as trying to pull boats onto bunks can be difficult.

Don’t forget your water resistant grease to keep everything running smoothly. We also have an array of tie down straps to keep your boat firmly on the trailer.

Please see the rest of our online shop for trailer hub and coupling spares.

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