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A trailer cover is an essential for many trailers and is often the first accessory purchased for a trailer. Trailer covers keep the contents of a trailer inside and dry.

All our trailer covers come with elastic rope, which will secure the cover down using tie down hooks or buttons already fitted to some mass produced trailers like the Erde and Daxara trailers. If there has no fixing points on the trailer, we have many options like hooks, buttons and deck rings

If you are transporting garden rubbish, a cargo net is sometime the more practical choice as can allow for extra volume but still keep the load secure.

We have many of the shelf sizes of trailer covers available. They are measured based on the internal dimensions of the trailer. There is normally a few centimetres of finger room in the dimensions so they easily slip on the trailer and are not as tight as a drum skin.

If the trailer is left over the winter months with a cover on, it should be checked regularly. Rainwater should be tipped off as standing rainwater will eventually drip through.

The elastic rope of the cover will often become brittle and snap long before the cover itself wears out. Here at Western Towing we sell either 6mm or 8mm rope by the metre. We suggest ordering the length of the perimeter (double the length plus double the width) rounded up to the nearest metre.

If you can’t find the size you need or require something a bit more unique, we supply made-to-measure trailer covers. These are made using a 600gm per square metre waterproof material and come complete with eyelets and elastic rope. Trailer covers made to measure can be made to any size or shape required. Not only are we able to supply trailer made to measure cover but also just about any shape, including sandpits, cricket ground covers, boat covers and many more. Just let us have the details and we'll give you our best price.

The made-to-measure trailer cover can also be made to allow for accessories like ladder racks or ramps. If the cover is to go over a large trailer with mesh sides, we can get the cover made with easy access rear panels that can be opened up using Velcro, zippers or strap and staple loops.

There are many ways to fix ropes or straps to your trailer. This includes button hooks, deck rings and pressed steel hooks. We also have a selection of bungee cords.

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