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Erde Trailer Accessories

Erde have become one of the leading small trailer manufacturers. One of the main reasons for this is the wide variety of accessories they offer. From flat vinyl covers to easy to fit jockey wheels. Give your trailer the star treatment and make it even more versatile.

Erde trailers are great for camping, taking rubbish to the tip and moving furniture. They are often more convent and cost effective then hiring van. The great thing is with most Erde trailers you will not need to take an additional test to tow them no matter when you took your driver’s test.

We are Western Towing have many solutions to help you make the most of your trailer.

Like our Cargo nets, flat covers and ratchet straps, they are great if you use your trailer to take garden rubbish to the local recycling centre. You could save yourself a trip by taking more in your trailer and keeping everything safely inside. They flat vinyl cover also has the added advantage of keeping everything dry.

A lot of trailer users find the worse thing is trying to move them around tight areas in the garden or driveways. Jockey wheels can be a back saver. Prefect for helping to move your Erde trailer either empty or full. The Erde original jockey wheels don’t need any drilling to fit with their easy fit brackets.  With a jockey wheel on your Erde trailer you may find it’s much easier to unhook your trailer and push in at the tip for example rather than trying reverse your vehicle with the trailer on the back.

There are many options to secure your trailer, the most popular are wheel clamps and hitch lock. Hitch locks or coupling locks are a quick and easy to fit especially at motor way rest stops. Wheel clamps are better if the trailer is going to be kept in one place over a longer period. Such as being stored over the winter months. Finding the right security item for your trailer can feel like a mine field but we are always on hand to help and advice on your best option.

A few of the Erde trailer accessories are universal throughout the Erde range of trailers such as their load bars and many of the jockey wheels. So if you choose to upgrade your trailer you may be able to take the accessories with you. As most accessories don’t require you to drill holes in the trailer you will not leave damage in the older trailer.

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