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Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are a popular way of securing a trailer, caravan or motorhome. They are not only a good visual deterrent but can also make it near impossible for it to be towed away.

A wheel clamp designed to fit the exact wheel and tyre size is often a good choice. The tighter the fit the more difficult it will be to be removed by a thief.

Most wheel clamps are easy to fit, especially after the first time. Some can be rather heavy but that generally means they are more robust.

To get an idea of the strength of a wheel clamp, manufacturers can offer their wheel clamp for independent testing. Sold Secure are a popular choice, although they are expensive. Some very good quality makes are not put through the test for this reason as these costs need to be added to the price of the wheelclamp. Should they pass the test they are given either a Silver or Gold award.

Many wheel clamps say they are 'insurance approved'. This simply means that many insurance companies will accept this wheel clamp as a form of security before offering insurance cover against theft.

Before choosing the right wheelclamp it might be wise to check with your insurance company that they do not require a specific type or make of wheel clamp.

If you need any assistance in choosing a wheelclamp we are happy to help, just email or give us a call on 01392 216336 or pop into one of our branches for a demonstration.

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