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Couplings & Coupling Spares

Are you looking for couplings or coupling spare parts? Look no further! We have a full range on our website plus many more in our stores in Exeter and Newton Abbot, Devon.

We deal directly with all the major coupling manufacturers in the UK as well as the rest of Europe. Al-ko, Knott, Avonride, Bradley, BPW, Peak and Indespension. This means there is very little we can’t find for your coupling.

So if you need a damper (offer called a piston or strut), bellows, breakaway cables, coupling heads or even a complete replacement coupling, we are here to help.

Some parts can be universal to most trailer couplings, such as our universal bellows. Also known as a gaiter, these can be fitted to most braked couplings without having to remove the head. Bellows are used to keep dirt and water from the moving parts of the coupling. Many bellows are specially shaped to allow for the mounting bolt. This helps ensure the bellows don’t move excessively.

Any trailer with brakes manufactured since 1982 must be fitted with a breakaway cable that pulls on the trailers brakes in the unlikely event or the trailer and vehicle coming apart during motion. There is usually a hole or clevis at the base of the handbrake for the breakaway cable to attach. Our universal breakaway cable has the same fittings as most common safety breakaway cable. But it is always best to check before ordering. A breakaway cable should be attached to the vehicle with a carabiner clip, usually fitted to a mounting point on the towbar. Alternatively, the breakaway cable can be looped around the towball and clipped onto itself.

Unbraked trailers need a secondary coupling, safety coupling or even a chain. This is to keep the trailer attached to the vehicle, if the coupling head should fail so the coupling head does not hit the ground. These are usually fitted under the coupling head mounting bolts and loop over the vehicles towball.

We have a full range of complete couplings, from unbraked coupling heads that fit on box section to complete braked couplings that can be fitted to either an A-frame chassis or a straight chassis.

We have a huge range of spares from most manufacturers of trailer and caravan couplings. This includes handbrake energy stores, jockey wheel pad and handles and draw tubes.

In most cases, we can tell every part that is fitted to a coupling based on the model number, which usually on an ID plate at the base of the handbrake.

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