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Most of our fondest memories are of those holidays with family and loved ones, good times. It’s only on reflection we understand how vital travelling and enjoying time together is. Travelling safely and securely in the knowledge that your caravan or motorhome has been cared for by a local family company that really does care about your welfare and safety.

At Western Towing we offer full caravan servicing including habitations service as well as motorhome habitation services.

We offer caravan servicing with expert professionalism and customer service all to the same standard that we employ within the towbar and trailer industry at the highest possible standard.

Why use Western Towing for Caravan Servicing and Motorhome Servicing

  • We have a full customer handover and acceptance procedure to ensure your caravan is checked incorrectly on arrival. This gives the customer a chance to point out any concerns they may have with their units.
  • We’re one-stop, many Caravan service centres do not entertain the towing vehicle. We specialise in towbars and all aspects of towing electrics and diagnostics, this allows us to get you back on the road regardless of what’s at fault.
  • We are main dealers for Calor Gas, so no need to travel around to find gas dealers.
  • We offer full Gas Certificates with every full caravan service or motorhome habitation service.  Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a real threat when the gas system isn’t maintained.
  • We carry out full Damp Reports and with frequent habitation servicing this will allow us to identify any water ingress early to prevent expensive repairs.
  • We stock a large assortment of genuine spares, allowing shorter delays getting your vehicle back up to standards.
  • We will give you full a quote or agree on a budget before carrying out any repairs or work.
  • Provide a fully printable PDF service form, with what has been checked and notify you of any faults which may not have been rectified.
  • Ensure all work is carried out using skill, care and professional judgement.

What you need to Know about Annual Caravan Servicing

Our in-depth servicing covers more than 70 checked points and takes a minimum of 4 hours to complete.

Caravan servicing at Western Towing includes, but not limited to:

  • Chassis and Running Gear.

When the caravan is in position for its service, our engineers lift the tourer off its wheels and safely place it on prop stands. This gives us the access required to check the chassis for cracks and ensure the bolts are tight. A full check of the coupling and Jockey wheel is completed which includes removing dirt and old grease to be replaced with fresh grease and lubricant. If fitted the stabiliser pads are checked for contamination of grease and paint from the towball, a common problem when users are new to coupling head stabilisers. See link for more information on towball preparation *LINK*. The Engineers will then move onto the Axle(s), Brakes and Hubs to ensure they all meet the required NCC and AWS standards and the equipment is adjusted to the manufacture’s guidelines. Tyres are then checked, firstly for the manufacturers’ date of production, followed by defects and tyre pressure. The tyre checks include the caravan spare wheel, where the engineers ensure the wheel is accessible. We also remove the wheel and lubricate the wheel carrier to prevent any nasty surprises on the side of the road. Most insurance companies will not cover the tourer if the tyres are older than 7 years, Western Towing advises 5 years in line with the NCC and AWS approved workshop scheme.

  • Electrical Systems (12v and 230v)

The motorhome and caravan electrical systems have both Extra Low Voltage (12V) and Low Voltage (230V). The systems are linked in the unit and are both covered by Western Towing’s Caravan and Motorhome Service. The 12v external running lights are fully checked for defects and any issues and normally rectified on the spot with minimal cost. The battery is tested with a load test and a battery tester. The battery test includes printed results. Internally our engineers ensure that the 12v charger works both when plugged into the mains and whilst attached to a vehicle. The 230v system is checked thoroughly to ensure it is safe. The RCD is first tested manually and then with specialist equipment where it must trip test within set parameters. All the onboard factory fitted equipment is also tested for its function. All Earths are checked for continuity and that they’re labelled correctly.  Although the 230v is checked to AWS and NCC servicing standards this does not include an Electrical Installation Condition Report. The EICR is due every 3 years, when there is no certificate present or when purchasing a used caravan or motorhome. If you require an EICR please inform a member of staff when booking the tourer for its service.

  • Gas Tightness and Gas Appliance Function Tests

All aspects of the gas installation are checked inline with AWS Service Centre standards. Unlike the EICR, the Gas Safety Inspection Certificate is given with every habitation service. The first part of the Gas Tests is to ensure that the regulator and Gas pipe from bottle to the fixed gas system are in date and of a sound condition. All bottles whether connected or not have a Let-by-Test. Once we can be sure that the gas bottles are not leaking into the system we can use a manometer to check that the rest of the system is sound and rule out any leaks on the system.

The appliances fitted sare then tested to ensure that flame failure devices work and that the flame picture is correct. Gas not burning off correctly produces Carbon Monoxide (CO) and is highly dangerous for adults and even more so for small humans and pets. Having your Gas system checked on your tourer is an absolute must and is to be done annually. This leads nicely onto Saftey Features.

  • Safety Features

Very few caravans are fitted with all the safety equipment that we would deem as necessary from the manufactures factory. An in-date Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm are an absolute must. To avoid any advisories on the service from, a fire blanket and fire extinguishers both in serviceable condition are expected to be fitted.

  • Water and Waste System

During the service, all taps and water outlets are checked for water pressure and temperature. This also highlights any blockages in the waste system too. The toilet has a general check for its working function and the cassette is checked to make sure it is securely fitted. Any water filters should be changed but are not included in the price of the service.

  • Bodywork fixtures and fittings

It is important to make certain the exterior fixtures and fittings are secure to the tourer. A travelling tourer with loose parts can be very dangerous. We also make certain windows, doors vents and fly screens all operate a do not allow for water ingress.

  • Damp Test

All units serviced by Western towing have a full damp test report. Research has shown that up to 50% of caravans and motorhomes have damp issues. Having regular damp tests allow us to catch the water ingress issues early, saving the owner large repair bills that could be prevented with a simple fix.

Even though Western Towing service all the units to a standard higher than the AWS workshop standard, not everything is covered on a standard Service. The list below shows other items you might like adding to service while we have your unit.

  • In-depth service of fridges and freezers cookers and other appliances.
  • Motor movers service
  • Alde central heating fluid change
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cleaning 
  • Winterising – Closing Down
  • Opening up

What’s not included in caravan servicing?

It is important to establish what is not included in basic service, because some workshops or technicians may not include the damp test.

The following would require an additional payment:

  • In-depth service of individual appliances, such as the fridge
  • Motor mover
  • Solar panel
  • Air conditioning.

To Summarise 

With all the modern appliances found in caravans, it is more important than ever to have a regular service to ensure everything is in good working order and that your tourer is safe to use on the road, as well as being habitable for you and your guests.

Sophisticated equipment requires sophisticated tools, so it makes sense to use an AWS workshop or AWS mobile technician.

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that your caravan servicing has been carried out by a competent technician.

Don’t forget to ask for a service check sheet and damp report – they’ll be useful when the time comes to sell your caravan.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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National Caravan Council
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