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We've been supplying cycle racks for towbars in Exeter and Newton Abbot since the first one was designed and manufactured. Most are now designed to simply clamp onto the towball. Once fitted bikes can easily be mounted onto the rack for safe transportation.

By far the biggest name now in the bike racks is Thule. Their clever solutions make loading and unloading bicycles quick and easy.

Witter has been making towbars since 1950. They were one of the first manufacturers to start using towbars for carrying bikes. Their extensive knowledge has made their racks amongst the safest in the industry.

We have a large range of cycle carriers to meet your needs. Whether you hang the bikes to a rack or if you prefer to have them stood up, we have the cycle carrier for you.

Whether your bikes are hung onto a rack or stood on a rack is mainly down to personal preference. Being hung on the bike rack is often more budget-friendly. The bikes are secured to the bike rack with either bungee cords or with the racks own straps. Don’t forget the lighting board and number plate, which is a legal requirement if any of the lights or number plate is obscured. Bikes that are hung on racks usually fit on the towball with two arms in a scissor action to make a tight and sturdy fit.

Stand-up, ride-on or platform cycle carriers have a channel for each bicycle so there is no risk of the bikes hitting one another. The bicycles are secured to the rack with a strap through each wheel as well as an arm holding each into place. The platform cycle carriers come complete with lights and a fixing point for a number plate. Many also tip to allow access to the boot without having to remove the bike and rack from the towbar. The Thule racks are also specially designed to carry electric bikes. However, it may be necessary to remove the batteries due to the weight restrictions.

Thule have developed the VeloCompact. This rack is simple to assemble and folds flat for easy storage, including in the boot of the vehicle once you have arrived at your destination.

We also have cycle carriers to fit on roof bars or trailer load bars. They are lockable to the bars and the cycle's frame, allowing you complete peace of mind.

Not yet got a towbar? Contact our workshops in Exeter or Newton Abbot, Devon where we will happy to quote and fit a brand new towbar to start your adventures. We also supply number plates, on a collection-only basis from our shops. They are made in a matter of minutes. A list of the required paperwork can be found on our information pages.

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