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Trailer hand winches are an essential part of any boat trailer or car transporter trailer. Our range starts from the lightweight, budget winches and goes right up to the heavy duty commercial winches.

Maypole winches are lightweight and provide a simple solution at a budget price. They come complete with a polyester strap and zinc plated forged hook.

Fulton single speed winches are designed to meet the toughest pulling demands. Fulton winches feature efficient gear ratios and a comfort grip for easy cranking that is easily removed. They can be fitted with either a strap or winch cable.

Winches have many uses such as pulling a boat up a slip way after a day on the sea, moving a broken down car off the side of the road or load a piece of plant or machinery safely onto a trailer without a driver.

It is important that a boat trailer, car transporter trailer, plant or machinery trailer is fitted with the  correct sized winch. If you are any doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to help. We can also advise on the correct strap or cable to meet your needs.

Our winches start with a breaking capacity of 750kg and go up to 3060kg. Breaking capacity means the weight a winch can pull on a 30% gradient on a good surface whereas working capacity, line strength or dead lift means the amount the winch can lift. These weights are tested in labs so do not allow for conditions such as wind, wet equipment etc.

The Fulton winches have at least two gear settings on their ratchet for easier cranking on larger loads. This ranges from 5.1:1 to mechanical advantage 169:1.

It is important to choose the kind of attachment for your winch. Winch cable or wire rope does allow for a longer length can be fitted to a drum however the longer the cable, the less strength it has and the higher the risk the risk of the cable snapping. For this reason, both winch straps and cables should be checked for frays and snags regularly.

Our winches can easily be mounted to a trailer. The footprints of each one is shown in their description. They are usually fitted to a pre-existing winch post that forms part of the trailers body. Due to the popularity of Maypole and Fulton winches in the trailer industry, if you are replacing a winch it is likely to fit where the existing one was.

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