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Trailer Fittings

This is where we get down to the nuts and bolts of how you work with your trailer.

No matter what repair your trailer needs, Western Towing has the parts you need to complete the job.  Nuts & bolts, drop catches, lynch pins, hinges, latches and u-bolts, Western Towing has them all.

We have seen many ingenious uses for trailers over the years, as well as creative solutions to problems.

If you can’t see the part you are looking for or you would like to talk through the ideas of your trailer, please free feel to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

A drop down tailgate or ramp can be invaluable when loading and unloading a trailer. We all want to ensure it works especially as no one wants to accidentally hurt a finger.

Repairing hinges can keep the tailgate opening smoothly and safely without the risk of any of the parts falling off. It’s equally important that the tail gate is fully held up, particularly while travelling. A great way of doing this is with a lynch pin. These fit into a lug or plate fixed onto the trailer body that then fits through a hole in the tail gate. The lynch pin then slides into the lug. The pin or clip then goes over the pin to secure it. Of course, these can easily go missing; bolting them to the trailer with a small length of chain can stop this from happening. Our saw points and cotter pins come complete with a chain.

Antiluces and plate can do a similar job and can be welded on or bolted on. There are also tail gate catches that are designed to go around the corner of the body. If you want to give your trailer a bit of extra security, we have lockable tailgate catches. Shoot bolts give a quick release and shutting of trailer panels.

We have a wide range of M10 U bolts and plates in stock. These are commonly used to hold axles to a chassis or accessories like winch posts to a trailer. We sell both high tensile U bolts and well as mild steel. The high steel U bolts are far stronger so can be used for high stress jobs unlikely the mild steel ones.

We sell single high tensile (8.8) bolts, nuts, locking nuts and washers so you don’t need to purchase a large pack when you only need a coupling. We have M8, M10, M12 and M16 sizes.

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