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The Noval Portaflot are trailers built by Trigano in France. They are a very popular brand in mainland Europe, where they have produced trailers ranging from the 128cm x 92cm, 450kg gross Noval PA400 right up to the 256cm by 134cm, 1300kg gross weight Noval NFB  250F 130. The three most popular models in the UK is the RV310 (now discontinued), PN400 and PN504.

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply any original parts for these trailers such as body panels, mudguards or body fittings. If you require parts like this, please contact a Trigano dealer.

The Noval Portaflot RV310 was 110cm long by 92cm wide with a gross weight of 350kg. It was light and compact and ideal as a first trailer.

The Noval Portaflot PN504 was 150cm long by 105cm wide and had a gross weight of 500kg. This is by far the most popular size for camping trailers.

The Erde trailers are very similar sizes however there was often a centimetre in difference in size. Many of our off-the-shelf covers found on our website may work for your Noval but may not be a good fit. The measurements shown on that page are the internal dimensions. We can also supply elastic rope separately by the metre.

We have a huge range of trailer bearings in stock. However, we have not been able to find a reliable source as to what bearings are fitted to what Noval trailer. We understand it’s not ideal to have a trailer off the road for a few days while waiting for parts to be delivered. The best way to find the correct bearings for your trailer is to check the numbers on the existing ones. We always endeavour to get any replacement parts to you as soon as possible.

If you need a replacement lighting loom, lights or plugs, we have many different options on our electrical and lighting page. We are able to customise our Erde wiring looms to your trailers specifications. We only need to know the overall length, what type of plugs you need and if you have a separate fog light or side marker lights.

We have a few generic spare parts for these trailers such as wheels, jockey wheels, coupling locks and lights. If you require other parts such as coupling heads, bearings, button hooks, light units and locks, please see the rest of our website or give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

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