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We can all agree safety very important. At Western Towing, we have many parts to keep your trailer safe. We also have many items to help keep you safe when you are out and about.

We have tyre pressure gauges, fluorescent jackets, bulb kits and de-icing salt. These are all great add-on items to bulk up your existing order with us.

Anything can happen while you are out and about in your vehicle. In case of a break down or bad weather it is sensible to carry items such as a bottle of water, a blanket, a first aid kit, warning triangle and hi-vis vests. It is actually a legal requirement in much of Europe.

Do you know that as your trailer is an extension of your vehicle therefore your trailer must comply with the same laws as your vehicle? This includes correct tyre pressures and that all the lights are working correctly. Failure to do so could cause you to get points on your drivers license and an on-the-spot fine. Most vehicles that are fitted with a vehicle specific wiring kit have technology that will warn you if any of the trailer lights are not working. It is sensible to carry spare light bulbs, not only for your vehicle but for your trailer, especially on long journeys. We have convenient replacement bulbs kits for either a trailer or caravan. The plastic box ensures your bulbs are in prefect condition when they are needed.

The hard shoulder can be a scary place. It’s important to have a spare wheel for your trailer or caravan, just in case of a puncture but it’s easy to forget to ensure you have the means to change the wheels. Under our Wheel and Tyres page, we have wheel wrenches to help get the job done as quick as possible.

We all know how unpredictable the great British weather can be. Our de-icing salt and winter car kits are approved by the AA and are great for helping you get out of a difficult spot no matter what the winter throws at your car, if you are towing or not. These kits included a fold away shovel, torch, foil blanket and a hi-visibility vest, all in a handy storage bag. You should carry enough fluorescent vests for everyone in the vehicle. We have great packages that included extra jackets and de-icing salt.

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