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Security for Trailers & Caravans

We at Western Towing take the security of trailer or caravan and its contents very seriously. We know it can feel very daunting. It can be very difficult to know if you are getting the correct product for your needs and your trailer or caravan.

A security device is always a great investment. They will save you money if someone decides that like the look of your property.

Our online shop is full of helpful tips to try and make the decision as simple as possible. So whether you need a wheel clamp, hitch lock, data tag, a lockable storage box or locking wheel nuts or studs. Western Towing is here to help.

A trailer or caravan wheel clamp is often the best place to start when it comes to security. They act as a visual deterrent especially as many are red or yellow.

For the last 35 years, Bulldog has been the leading name in trailer and caravan security. We have heard many stories of how their Titan wheel clamps have proven their strength time and time again. Titan wheel clamps are ideal for trailers or caravans that are left unattended for long periods such as caravans stored over winter.  Bulldog has also developed the QD range which is quick and easy to fit but can still hold up against an attack.

Stronghold is quickly becoming a big name in the towing industry. Their wheel and hitch locks fit a wide range of wheels and couplings while offering value for money.

Hitch locks are very quick and easy to fit. Many braked couplings come with a lock already fitted such as the Indespension Triplelock head. If your trailer does not have a lockable head, there are many other hitch locks available.

If a caravan or trailer does go walkies it’s often difficult to identify their true owner when they are recovered. Fitting a data tag can solve this problem. This works the same as fitting a datatag to a motorcycle or a microchip to a cat or dog.

Sometimes, thieves are not looking to take an entire trailer. There have been times where people have come to their trailers or caravans and found the wheels missing. Locking wheel nuts or locking wheel studs can stop this in the same way they do in cars. Of course, a wheel clamp will protect one of the wheels.

Our lockable storage boxes have proven very popular for keeping tools, car ratchet straps and other valuables safe. Our lockable storage boxes are made from aluminium checker plate and come in three different sizes.

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