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Lockheed Brake Exploded Diagrams

from Western Towing –

Lockheed 7″ Standard Brakes (Non Auto-Reverse)

7 inch Standard Lockheed Brake Diagram

1 Re-adjustment starwheel & screw
2 Expander Assembly
3 Rubber Boot
4 Brake shoes
5 Pull off spring kit
6 Backplate Pressing


Lockheed 8″, 9″ & 10″ Standard (Non auto-reverse) Brakes

Lockheed 8, 9 & 10 inch brakes

1 Micram adjuster and mask
2 Expander assembly
3 Boot
4 Brake Shoes
5 Brake spring kit
6 Backplate pressing
7 Abutment block c/w nuts & washers



Lockheed Mk2 Auto-reverse Brakes

Lockheed Mk2 Auto-reverse Brake Diagram

1 Backplate
2 Brake shoes
3 Adjuster assembly
4 Bias spring
5 Expander
6 Upper pull off spring
7 Carrier spring (x 2)
8 Carrier assembly
9 Lower pull off spring
10 Washers
11 Nuts


Locheed parts are no longer manufactured and are now obsolete. It may be possible to obtain some parts which are still about but it is becoming less likely. Unfortunately the only alternative is to change the axle or suspension units complete.


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