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Al-ko Hub Bearings

Most trailers and caravans seem to be running Alko brakes. There parts are high quality and Al-ko are at the forefront of braking technology.

This is where you will find bearings for most Alko brake drums and hubs.

Bearings are simple to check. Just jack up the trailer or caravan. (It maybe possible to tip small unbraked trailers onto their end). The bearings should not make any grinding or rumbling noises when the wheel is spinning.

Alko kober either use taper roller bearings or one piece sealed bearings in their hubs. They are be identified by either the numbers stamped into the bearings or by the hub casting numbers.

All our one piece sealed bearings come complete with circlips and one shot hub nuts that should be changed every time they are removed.

Taper roller bearings come as a complete kit with inner bearing, outer bearing, bearing shells and oil seals.

There are other bearing available for Al-ko hubs including special stainless steel water resistant bearings.

If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help.

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