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Thank you for visiting our suspensions and axles department. We have a great range to suit your needs, from unbraked hubs to complete caravan axles as well as leaf springs.

A trailer suspension or running gear forms the biggest part of most trailers. Good maintenance should mean that it will always work well.

We deal directly with all the major axle manufactures in the UK; Al-ko Kober, Knott-Avonride, Peak, BPW and Indespension. This means we are well-placed to source a direct replacement of an existing axle.

If you don’t need a full axle or complete hubs, please see our hub and drum spares for all the braking parts as well as bearing and hub caps.

All complete braked axles come with brake drums and back plates. Many braked axles also come with Bowden cables so they only need to be bolted to the chassis; fit the wheel, connect the brake cables then check the brake adjustment and you’re ready to go. The unbraked axles also come with hubs so once it’s bolted on and the wheels are fitted you are ready to go.

We supply trailer leaf springs traditionally fitted to Ifor Williams and other agricultural trailers. They are designed to give a smoother ride on rough surfaces. These can become brittle over time and we can offer replacement springs and bushes.

We also supply separate trailer suspension units. They are either made by Indespension or Knott Avonride. You can easily add on hubs and fittings to the trailer chassis. These can easily replace existing suspension units or used if you want to give making your own trailer a go.

The more common form of axles found on caravans and commercial trailers are soft rubber suspension for an even ride. The most popular manufacturers of these are Alko-Kober and Knott Avonride. These are often built in the UK & are robust & long-lasting. Spare parts are easily accessible. Inspection holes on the back plates make checking the wear of the brake shoes easy.

BPW are a very big name in large articulated trailers. They have also branched into the light axles industry, especially European Caravans. Peak Dynamics also have many great options for full custom axles if you are building a trailer from scratch.

If you are looking to replace an existing axle, most axle manufacturers have very good records of what they have previously built. There is often an identification plate on the centre of the axle. You often have to jack the trailer or caravan off the ground to see it.

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