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Spare Wheel & Tyre for Erde 100, 101 & 102


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Spare Wheel & Tyre for Erde 100, 101 & 102


Spare wheel & tyre 350 x 8, can be carried loose in the trailer or towing vehicle or fitted under the drawbar of the trailer using a support, part no. SP050-E12 or SWC1.

Style and/or make of tyre may vary from picture.

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MPN MP68102

1 review for Spare Wheel & Tyre for Erde 100, 101 & 102

  1. Doug (verified owner)

    Confession time…I stupidly put my pitchfork through my little Erde102 (their cute baby trailer) tyre at our nearby stables where I was getting a load of well rotted muck for our roses. There were mitigating circumstances, after all the recent rains, this meant the trailer and me, were parked and I standing in 3-4 inches of watery “slurry”. Once home, I ordered a complete new wheel (* see footnote). It arrived super quick! Seriously just 2-3 days of ordering which was a huge bonus. I pay for express, BUT it was much faster than I expected and I was able to get back to my stranded and beloved Erde 102, loosen the wheel nuts and flip it on its tail-end, then remove and replace the badly damaged wheel – was just 10 minute job!. The new wheel is great! Certainly as good as the original. Shout-out to Western Towing’s sales team who were super efficient in fulfilling my order and also to DHL (WT’s logistics partner) who delivered it without any glitch. So happy! £36.95 well spent. At last I’m mobile and safely trailoring again.

    *Despite lots of YouTube videos showing just how easy it is, to quickly repair a small trailer tyre with an inner tube – including one chap jumping on his trailer tyre just in flip flops and not injuring his feet.

    It’s a doddle right? Hummmm, NOT!

    I learned from a wasted previous experience – yes, I even bought a WT inner tube – before losing several hours trying to carefully get the small tyre off the small steel rim, without damaging it (or me). I can assure you these babies are so well glued on by the original manufacturer – even KwikFit’s hydraulic press/mechanical tool couldn’t shift it – to be fair the KF press couldn’t scale down adequately grip the tyre off this small a rim, It would’ve been a doddle with normal sized rims. Final note: of course you should NEVER use an inner tube to fix a tyre with a damaged side wall….

    Happy ending – I have a nice new reliable tyre, promptly fixed, and a safe trailer to complement a humiliating story. Thank you Western Towing for your support.

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