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Al-ko jockey wheel 48mm tube with nose load indicator

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(10 customer reviews)

Heavy duty Al-ko jockey wheel with nose load indicator and removable crank handle and detachable wheel.

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Al-ko Manoeuvring Handle for 48mm Jockey wheel

Only left in stock


Heavy duty Al-ko jockey wheel with removable crank handle and detachable wheel.

Max dynamic load bearing capacity 300 kg with static capacity 180 kg.

Integrated suspension, ideal for use with caravan movers.

Tube diameter 48 mm with a grooved rubber wheel (230x80mm).



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MPN 1221695

Al-ko Manoeuvring Handle for 48mm Jockey wheel



10 reviews for Al-ko jockey wheel 48mm tube with nose load indicator

  1. Trevor Pratt (verified owner)

    Superb service in amazingly short time. Easy to fit and now fully functional!

  2. A Macmillan (verified owner)

    Excellent jockey wheel. Really, stupidly easy to fit. Nose weight guage is a nice and useful touch. Delivery was quick.

  3. Anonymous

    Great product. Feels really solid and reliable.

  4. Anonymous

    best price, quick service, great item thankyou

  5. G. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great price and very quick delivery. Easy to change over and set up for correct noseweight reading in under 15 mins. Great improvement over the basic (plastic wheeled) jockey fitted as original.

  6. Ken

    Having struggled with my existing jockey wheel, I decided to buy the heavy duty Al-ko with integral nose weight gauge.
    It was delivered within a couple of days and fitted within an hour.

    It is considerably heavier than a standard jockey wheel

  7. JOHN WILLIAMS (verified owner)


  8. Ray Cooper (verified owner)

    Purchased a very expensive brand new Coachman Laser Xcel caravan and extremely disappointed that it came with the industry standard plastic jockey wheel. When using the 4WD motor mover the plastic wheel would generally scrape across the tarmac or concrete and sink into the gravel on campsites and just drag. After using the plastic one for 2 short breaks enough was enough. Why this wheel isn’t sold with top end caravans I do not know. Only used it once so far and the quietness and response to the motor-mover is so much better, no dragging or pushing but quickly turns to get the caravan going in the right direction. Haven’t tested on gravel yet but the wheel being substantially wider and a sprung system hoping it will be great. Very easy to change over – just jack up the front of the caravan and fully unwind the existing jockey wheel and the bottom falls off (as it is supposed to), unwind the locking collar and lift the top half out of the hole. Unclip the red winder on the Premium wheel and insert the whole thing from the bottom side up in to the hole, no need to disassemble, clip the red winder back on! Job done in less than 15 minutes and looks so much better. Yes it’s a lot for a jockey wheel but it looks good and better still it moves good. If you are thinking of it, then buy it. Haven’t tried the weight gauge yet but that wasn’t the purpose of buying it – will set this up so the tow ball is at it’s correct weight, around 100kg which will set up a better tow.

  9. Stuart Hunter (verified owner)

    Excellent product and easy to remove the old jockey from the swift elegance and replace with the new one. Much easier to manoeuvre the caravan with the new jockey wheel, particularly on gravel.

  10. Mandy Philip (verified owner)

    veryeasy to put on and exactly what I wanted. Thde problem I had was that the old jockey was not remaining uo and twice fell to run on the road scoring off all the tread on the wheel. That was caused by the tightening bracket had stripped and there was not enough thread to hold the jockey. once this was rebored and a new holding bolt installed all is very well again. Setting etc was easy and straight forward. Getting delivery was a trial and the telephone was needed to chase up it’s delivery

    • Mark Saxton

      Unfortunately, the manufacturers had some issues with the production of this jockey wheel due to the Covid-19, our apologies for this. All seems to be resolved now.

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