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Calor Gas Bottle Refills

Western Towing welcomes you to explore our range of Calor Gas Bottles, delivering reliable energy solutions right here in Exeter. As experts in towing, caravan and leisure products, we understand the significance of a trustworthy gas supply. Whether you need it for heating, cooking, or outdoor leisure, our Calor gas bottles ensure a constant and efficient energy source for every situation.

Visit our Exeter Store base on Marsh Barton, and you'll find a warm welcome from our firendly and knowledgeable staff. We serve many local residents, camping enthusiasts, and proud caravan owners alike. Our store is equipped to meet your energy demands with our selection of  propane and butane gas bottles, known for their portability and efficiency.

Beyond offering top-quality Calor gas, we extend our commitment with a dedicated delivery service covering Exeter and nearby areas. Our dedication to accessibility ensures that our high-grade 6kg propane gas bottles are within reach, whether you reside in Exeter, Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, or anywhere across Devon.

Your Reliable Source for Caravan Gas Bottles

As caravan enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of a dependable source for your caravan's energy requirements. Our range of 6kg Calor gas bottles is designed to fuel your adventures worry-free. Wherever your travels take you, a reliable gas bottle ensures that your caravan remains your home away from home.

In line with providing the best for our caravan community, we offer a selection that includes both butane and propane options. Whether your caravan setup requires butane or propane, we have the perfect gas bottle solution for you at Western Towing.

Why Choose Us for Your Calor Gas Needs

Beyond being a supplier, we offer a commitment to quality, safety, and unparalleled customer service. At Western Towing, choosing us means opting for a reliable and expert service. With our extensive range of 6kg Calor gas bottle options, we ensure that each client receives personalized attention and products perfectly suited to their unique needs.

By building strong relationships with our customers, we've become their first choice for their energy requirements. When you visit our Exeter location or order a delivery, you're not just getting a gas bottle; you're gaining a reliable partner in Western Towing.

Simplifying Your Search for '6kg Propane Gas Bottle Near Me'

Finding a '6kg propane gas bottle near me' is made simple with Western Towing. Our presence in Exeter serves as a convenient access point to obtain high-quality Calor gas. We welcome walk-ins and provide guidance to ensure you find the gas solution that best suits your needs.

Whether you need a 6kg gas bottle for your caravan or a steady supply for home use, we cater to all specifications and needs. Our stock is always up-to-date, ensuring immediate availability and consistent quality, exactly what you expect from Western Towing.


Our dedicated team at Western Towing invites you to experience the difference in quality and service we provide. For your 6kg Calor gas bottle requirements in Exeter and the surrounding areas, remember that we are just a visit or delivery away. Backed by our commitment to excellence, we look forward to powering your homes, caravans, and outdoor experiences.

Key Takeaways:

– Western Towing is your authoritative source for Calor gas bottles in Exeter.
– Centrally located, we offer a delivery service to surrounding areas for easy accessibility.
– Our 6kg Calor gas bottles are versatile and supported by our expertise and dedicated customer service.
– Choosing the right gas bottle is made easy with our experienced team ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where in Exeter can I find 6kg Calor gas bottles?
Our Western Towing store located in Exeter, EX2 8NY stocks a wide range of Calor gas bottles suitable for all your energy requirements.

Do you provide delivery services for Calor gas bottles?
No, Western Towing does not currently offer a delivery service for our Calor gas bottles, catering to Exeter and its surrounding areas is currently maintain by customer collection

Can I use Calor gas bottles for caravans, boats or motorhomes?
Certainly, our 6kg Calor gas bottles are perfect for caravans, boats and motorhomws providing a portable and reliable energy source for your outdoor adventures.

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