FREE trailer check

from Western Towing –

Introducing a new initiative aimed at improving the safety of towed trailers.

In the interest of safety, we have introduced a free trailer safety check scheme for all braked and unbraked trailers throughout Devon.

We are offering trailer owners a free safety check, consisting of a simple report which will highlight any defects the trailer might have, We will inform you if there is any aspect of the trailer that is not safe and legal to use on the road. Should any faults be identified you can either instruct us to undertake the work at an agreed price, we can supply the parts for you to complete the work yourself or you can take the trailer to any garage or workshop for the work to be completed.

Western Towing Trailer Safety Check Sticker

Should you wish to take advantage of this offer there is no obligation for you to instruct us to undertake any work, our only concern is that the trailer is safe and legal on the road.

Many trailers are already in good condition, however, by letting us undertake this safety check you will have the added confidence of knowing your trailer is safe for the road. Additionally, if you have any concerns about your trailer, towing, the law or safety then our knowledgeable staff are here advise.

Trailer & Caravan MOTs

At present, an MOT is not required for trailers and caravans in the UK. Nevertheless, statistics are starting to show an increase in the percentage of incidents are caused by trailers & caravans. To combat this MOTs may be introduced in the future. By making sure your trailer is safe on the road will ensure there are fewer traffic incidents caused by trailer defects and therefore remove the threat of compulsory MOTs on trailers and caravans.

What the Safety Check Includes

The checks will include:

  • Coupling including breakaway cable
  • Wheel Bearings & hub or drum
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Suspension
  • Brakes & Linkages
  • Chassis
  • Lights

Further to this trailer safety check, with your authorisation, we will keep your details as well as your trailer details on our secure database. This will afford you added security by recording you as the owner or keeper of the trailer. In addition to this, we can contact you when your trailer is due for its next safety check.

Western Towing has been repairing and servicing trailers for the past 40 years, you can rely on us to give you an expert opinion on the condition of your trailer. Please note that this free safety inspection does not replace a full service which we recommend is undertaken on a regular basis.

All you need to do is call us, on 01392 216336 for our Exeter branch or 01626 355115 for our Newton Abbot branch, and book your trailer in for our free check. An unbraked trailer check should take approximately 15 minutes and a braked trailer check around 30 minutes.


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