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Flushing System for single axle


Flushing System for single axle.

For Single Axle Trailers.


AL-KO wheel brake flushing system for boat trailers used to remove salt deposits that can cause long term corrosion and failure of the wheel brake components. Using the hose-connector, fresh water can be flushed around the interior of the wheel brakes immediately after the trailer has been immersed to remove the salt.

Suitable for single axle trailers with Al-ko brakes, can also be fitted to Knott brakes but please see the information below.

Al-ko Water Resistant axles have a threaded hole in the back plate ready for the flushing kit. On all other brake back plates, including Knott, an 11.5mm hole will need to be drilled and and then tapped out to 1/4bsp (the drill and tap are not included in the kit).

Fitting this kit to a Knott back plate may void any warranty with Knott, however if the brakes have or intend to be submersed in water then that will likely void any warranty anyway.

Fitting Details

Fitting Details

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