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Conversion Lead 13pin to 2 x 7pin


Conversion Lead 13pin to 2 x 7pin


Conversion lead from 13pin Euro socket to 12N 7pin socket plus 12S 7pin socket. (Converts a vehicle with a 13 pin socket to caravan with two 7 pin plugs)

This Conversion lead is wired to the following table.

Please check compatibility with your vehicle and caravan.

The contact allocations shown are to the quoted international standards.

I.S.O 1724
7 Pin 12N Plug

I.S.O 11446
13 Pin Socket
Contact number FUNCTION Cable Spec. CONNECTION Contact number FUNCTION
1 L/H Indicator 0.65mm Connected to 1 L/H Indicator
2 Rear Fog Lamps 0.65mm Connected to 2 Rear Fog Lamps
3 Earth Return 0.65mm Connected to 3 Earth Return
4 R/H Indicator 0.65mm Connected to 4 R/H Indicator
5 R/H Tail & No.Plate 0.65mm Connected to 5 R/H Tail & No.Plate
6 Stop Lamps 0.65mm Connected to 6 Stop Lamps
7 L/H Tail & No.Plate 0.65mm Connected to 7 L/H Tail & No.Plate

I.S.O 3732
7 Pin 12S Plug
1 Reversing Lamps 1.5mm Connected to 8 Reversing Lamps
2 Coding Coupled Trailer 1.5mm Connected to 12 Coding Coupled Trailer
3 Earth Return (contact 4) 1.5mm Connected to 13 Earth Return (for contact 9)
4 Power Supply Steady 1.5mm Connected to 9 Power Supply Steady
5 No Allocation 1.5mm Not Wired
6 Power Supply Switched 1.5mm Connected to 10 Power Supply Switched (Fridge)
7 Earth Return (contact 6) 1.5mm Connected to 11 Earth Return (for contact 10)

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GTIN 5013008006030


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