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BPW Stabiliser

BPW iSC (ZKAS) Stabiliser

The new BPW iSC Stabiliser

The new BPW iSC single lever operation for hitching & stabilising. Incorporates proven technology featuring friction pads pressed axially under high pressure onto the coupling ball i.e. from the back to the front. This is the only sure way of eliminating the hazardous snaking and pitching movements of the trailer or caravan right from the word go.

The new BPW iSC Stabiliser

Can be retrofitted to all braked trailers & caravans with a bolt-on head, up to 3,000 kg gross

Hooking Up Photo

More space between spare wheel and open stabiliser

Hooking up with the WS 3000 is no problem even on vehicles
with externally mounted spare wheel and only a small space
between bumper and ball coupling.

The Maxi Bump Stop

Maxi Bump Stop

The new Maxi bump stop protects legs and bumper

BPW Stabiliser Friction Pads

Clip system for all friction pads

This specially developed system ensures that the friction pads on the new BPW iSC can be replaced quickly and easily.
BPW Stabiliser Unrestricted Ball

Unrestricted ball shaft space created by extremely slender design.

This makes the BPW iSC suitable for all standard towballs. No special towball required.

High Security Hitch Lock

Available complete with Robstop Sold Secure hitchlock

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