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Trailer & Caravan Spares

How to calculate the PCD – Pitch circle diameter

The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of the circle which passes through the centre of all the studs, wheel bolts or wheel rim holes.

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How to find the Offset of a wheel rim

The wheel rim ‘offset’ is the distance between the centre line of the rim and the faceplate that bolts onto the hub.

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How to Replace BPW Brake Shoes

A guide to how top remove and replace the Type 7 BPW brake shoes, including how to adjust the brakes once the new shoes have been fitted.

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Lockheed Brake Exploded Diagrams

Brake exploded diagrams for information only as all these parts are obsolete as no parts are manufactured now.

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Bowden Cable Identification

These are the flexible cables that are connected to a compensator in the centre of the trailer or caravan and to the brake expanders on the brake backplates.

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Alko Bowden Cable Size Calculator

This calculator helps to select the correct Al-ko cable length for the axle width.

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Coupling Parts Identification

Some easy ways to identify the make and model of a trailer or caravan coupling.

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Number plate Law

Proof of identification and entitlement is required to purchase a single number plate.

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Ratchet Straps – User Instructions

User instructions and warnings concerning ratchet straps.

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Trailer Cover Price Calculator & Order

We can supply trailer covers made to order to you, just enter the trailer measurements.

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How to Replace Erde Trailer Bearings

A guide to replacing the bearings on a small Erde or Daxara Trailer

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New Kartt Jockey Wheel Range

Kartt range of new Jockey wheels and clamps called the Orange range.

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Al-ko compensator & bowden cable change

Al-ko change the bowden cables from those with threaded end with a curved nut to a ‘mushroom’ type end, this guide show how to adapt an old compensator to accept the newer cables

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Brake shoes – OEM or compatibles?

Should you buy the manufacturers original brake shoes of aftermarket copies?

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