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How to Replace BPW Brake Shoes

Changing brake shoes on the type 7 wheel brake

As soon as a brake lining is worn down to a thickness of 2mm the brake shoes should be replaced. Important: Brake shoes should only be changed as complete axle sets. The changing of brake shoes should be carried out in a specialist workshop. Ensure that all the brake shoes on each axle have the same quality brake linings. The return springs and clamping springs must be replaced each time the linings are changed. Continue reading

Brake shoes – OEM or compatibles?

Al-ko orginal replacement brake shoes

Al-ko original brake shoes

It has been possible to buy non-original brake shoes for caravans & trailers fitted with Knott brakes for many years now. We’ve had them to try out and we were not very impressed with them. With the price not being much less than the Knott originals they don’t seem a viable alternative. More recently Maypole have sourced E11 marked compatible shoes from the EU for Knott & Alko brakes. Continue reading

New Kartt Jockey Wheel Range

Premium Jockey Wheels by KarttPremium Jockey Wheels


It’s not often that a new range of products appear in trailer industry especially when we hear about good companies like Bradley Doublelock being taken over and their products rapidly becoming discontinued. So it’s nice to see that Kartt have a range of new Jockey wheels and clamps called the Orange range. They are all fitted with a nice bright orange wheel rim, although this doesn’t seem much it is actually quite useful. Most jockey wheels end their life by being accidentally left down or too low to the ground when driving off, they may last a few miles but that’s about it! So when the final checks are done before towing it is quite easy to see that the Jockey wheel is tucked up out of the way. Continue reading