Triplelock Fitting & User Instructions

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  • Remove the existing head or eye by unbolting the two bolts securing it to the coupling drawtube
  • Remove the existing rubber bellows.
  • Slide the new bellows onto the drawtube or the existing bellows if you are fitting the ISCP88.
  • Fit the Triplelock head over the drawtube and align with the existing holes.
  • Slide a security cap onto the longer bolt and fit into the forward hole, place the other security cap onto the other end and fit lock nut. If the front bolt is vertical the cap with the curved base must be used on the bottom.
  • Before fitting the rear bolt the damper must be aligned to the hole, this can be done using a screwdriver or bar to move to damper back. While holding the damper in place insert the other bolt supplied from the other side ensuring the bolt passes through the damper pushing the screwdriver or bar back out of the hole. Then fit the lock nut supplied.
  • Tighten both bolts to the correct torque settings as follows:
    M12 bolt (Socket size 19mm) – 65ft/lb (88Nm)
    M14 bolt (Socket size 22mm) – 97ft/lb (132Nm)
  • Fit the tamper-proof plugs into the caps, use the plug with the hole on the thread end, the caps have a taper to aid fitting, using a hammer, tap the plugs into the caps so they are flush.


  • Lift the tag to expose the lock.

Triplelock Instructions

  • Insert the key.

Triplelock Instructions2

  • Turn the key clockwise and pull so that the barrel of the lock is withdrawn.

Triplelock Instructions3

  • Whilst holding the key and lock in the extended position, depress the trigger lock.

Triplelock Instructions4

  • Pull the release handle upwards to its full extent. Hold in this position and let go of the key. The coupling head is now unlocked and may be removed from or placed onto the towball.
  • Once the head is clear of the towball, release the handle and remove the key. Your Triplelock head is now automatically locked.

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