How to Replace Sealed Bearings

from Western Towing –

A guide to removing & refitting sealed bearings

Trailer & Caravan Sealed Bearings
When removing or fitting one piece sealed bearings it is extremely important that you work carefully and keep everything clean in order to ensure efficient operation and to maintain safety.

To ensure that the bearings operate properly it is essential that the correct tools and methods are used to fit them.

Installation should be carried out under clean conditions. Do not unwrap bearings until you are ready to fit them.


  1. Place chocks under at least one wheel of the vehicle.
  2. Loosen wheel bolts before jacking up the vehicle.
  3. Jack up the vehicle and secure on axle stands.
  4. Remove the wheel nuts and wheel.
  5. Remove the dustcap.
  6. Remove the hub or brake drum.
  7. Lay hub or brake drum on flat, clean surface.
  8. Remove the circlip(s).
  9. Ideally, push out the bearing squarely using a hydraulic press and suitable mandrel taking care not to damage the machined surfaces of the hub or brake drum. The sealed bearing is now to be scrapped as it is no longer fit for service.


  1. WARNING: Keep the two inner half rings of the new bearing held together otherwise the bearing could become damaged and not fit for use.
  2. Push the new bearing squarely all the way into the hub or brake drum ideally using a hydraulic press and suitable mandrel. NOTE: The force must be applied only on the outer ring of the bearing otherwise the bearing can be damaged and unfit for use.
  3. Fit the circlip(s) ensuring it is fully engaged in the machined groove
  4. Refit the hub or drum and a NEW flanged nut and tighten to a torque as specified below.
  5. Refit the wheel and wheel bolts or wheel nuts
  6. Lower vehicle and tighten wheel bolts N S W E to correct torque.
  7. Check and adjust brakes where necessary

Hub Nut Torque Settings

These hub and drum on shot nut torque settings are gien as a guide, please check you trailer or caravan handbook, axle handbook or under the hub cap for the correct torque setting.

Hub/Drum Make Torque Setting
RTN 280Nm
Al-ko 280-300Nm
Knott-Avonride 280Nm
Ifor Williams 350Nm
BPW (using M24 Nut) 280Nm
BPW (using M27 Nut) 330Nm

Important Note re AL-KO

Al-ko say that every time a bearing is replaced there is some deterioration of the fit between bearing and drum. It is therefore recommended that the bearing in their drums are replaced no more than twice.

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