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Tool and Storage Boxes

Our lockable storage boxes have proven very popular for keeping tools, car ratchet straps and other valuables safe. Our lockable toolboxes are made from aluminium checker plate and come in three different sizes. The Aluminium storage boxes are water and corrosion-resistant.

These are ideal for keeping tools and equipment safe, such as tie-down straps, power drills, wheel clamps and chains saws. Although we don’t suggest this, even a small person can fit in the large toolbox. Of course, they don’t have to be bolted to a trailer or even used with a trailer.

These toolboxes are in stock and ready for dispatch unless stated otherwise.

It is often hard to find homes for various bits of kit. We all want things to be nice, tidy and clean when we come to us them. For example, there is nothing worse than finding that the tie-down straps are soaking wet when you need to move a car. A lockable storage box can help with that. They are durable and weather resistant, so they are just right for being kept outside.

Our small toolbox in lightweight and portable. They have two lockable over-centre catches with two keys and a strong, robust handle on the top of the lid. It is 570mm long, 240mm wide and 210mm high (When the lid is shut). That is 28 litres worth of space.

Our medium toolbox has a flap handles on either side. It has a strong lock at the front and two keys. It is 740mm long, 315mm wide and 250mm wide. That is 58 litres.

Our large storage box is 1220mm long, 370mm wide and 380mm high for 170 litres worth of space, and made from 2mm checker plate. It has a reinforced lockable lid with two keys and a flip handle on each side.

Usually, car transporters or car transporter trailers have specially designed places to put accessory storage boxes. This is normally at the front of the trailer on its’ A-frame.

These boxes are not just being used for storage. In our own workshops, we have used a toolbox as a cabinet for our trailer lighting tester. They added switches on the front and small wheels on one corner to allow the box to be dragged around.

Our online shop is full of other great accessories for your trailer, including ratchet straps, wheel clamps as well as many spare parts.



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