Cycling Adventures this Summer

from Western Towing –

Cycling has changed a great deal over the years. Just cycling on the roads is no longer very safe so purpose-made cycle paths and off-road paths have been made to explore the countryside. Attaching a cycle rack to your car lets you be adventurous; you can drive to a convenient location and be free to explore quiet roads, wild terrain (like the moors) or just follow safe cycle paths.

Thule boot mounted cycle racks

To get to these places you must transport your bikes; it’s very easy with the range of carriers available. The range mainly consists of:-

Vehicle boot mounted cycle rack

Quite cheap to buy but not very popular these days however most vehicle tailgates are not strong enough to hold a cycle rack, they can also be time consuming to fit and then may not seem very secure. A lighting board and number plate would still be required if the vehicle lights or number plate are obscured in any way.

Roof mounted cycle racks

These racks are usually fitted to existing roof bars on the vehicle’s roof or on rails fitted to the top of a trailer.

It is usually possible to mount up to four cycle racks on a vehicle roof. These can make the bikes a bit difficult to mount on the rack as they need to be lifted high to get them in place. Also, damage can be caused to the vehicle if you are not careful. Depending on the type of rack you buy once the cycles are mounted they should be very secure but one problem might be is that you can’t see them!

Towbar Mounted carriers

A premium option because you need a towbar fitted but these are by far the safest and easiest to use. With a choice of hanging the cycles on or placing them on rails, the cycle rack range available is quite extensive now. These carriers either fit on a plate mounted behind the towball or clamp directly onto the towball itself. Most carriers will take two cycles up to a maximum of four. If you need to carry any more than four then additional carriers would be needed. We also have carriers for powered cycles.

Car towing trailer with bike racks

We hire cycle carriers as well as roof mount racks and trailers complete with a hard lid and four cycle carriers on top.

Should you have any queries please free to contact us, we have well over 40 years’ experience in the industry.

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