Al-ko Axles for Trailers, Caravans & Motorhomes

Al-ko make many of the axles used on coach build motorhomes, caravans and trailers. We can normally supply an identical replacement axle from the information contained on the Identification Plate. This is usually fitted to the centre of the axle, sometimes we need more information like the chassis number, make of trailer/vehicle well. This is to make sure that no error was made when the original information was registered and if the numbers on the plate are not easy to read.

Please first take a clear picture of your axle plate (Unfortnately this may mean getting under your caravan, trailer or motorhome) this is the only way a replacement axle can be produced swiftly and efficiently. If you have no axle plate or you are unable to send a picture please call us on 01392 216336 for assistance.

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Important Notes:
  • All made to measure axles have hot dip galvanised tubes & brackets
  • Standard Braked Axles feature maintenance-free (not waterproof) bearings at standard.
  • Delivery times vary dependent on axle type, usually around 19 working days (4 weeks). This can be confirmed when the drawing is approved. Please note that as this is a bespoke item, made to your specifications, it cannot be cancelled once the order has been placed.
  • After the form below is completed the axle will be identified and a firm price and estimated delivery will be sent to you. Once payment has been made a drawing we will be forwarded to you for your confirmation that all the measurements are correct. At this point, once conformation is received the axle will be put into production and a we will let you know a firm delivery date.

Just before you send this form could you please check your email address is correct.