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How to replace alko stabiliser friction pads

The side friction pads in the AKS 3004 Stabilisers should be monitored for wear, and replaced or cleaned as necessary.

Prise away the protective cap. The caps may be either red or black in colour but the same method applies.

Prising proctecive caps from Al-ko stabiliser

Insert the end of a screwdriver into the hole created by the removal of the cap, and tap gently with a hammer.

Tapping out the friction pads on Al=ko stabiliser

The friction pad will drop out of the bottom of the stabiliser.
Repeat the process for the opposite side.
To replace the cleaned or new friction pads, simply insert the friction pad into head of the stabiliser and click into place.

Note: It is not necessary to adjust the friction pads

Removing the Al-ko friction pad

This guide is suitable for both the original style, red, AKS 3004 Stabilisers and the newer style, black, AKS 3004 Stabilisers as pictured.

Similar instructions apply for the AKS 1300 Stabilisers:

1. Instead of removing the protective caps, you must loosen the retaining pin for removal.
2. Upon replacement ensure the ball race and washers are also reinserted.
3. Secure replacement with a new retaining pin.

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