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How to Remove and Replace the Erde Hub Cap


This is a simple guide to removing and replacing the hub cap on the Erde aluminium hub fitted on all the Erde trailer models 100, 101, 102, 120, 121, 122, 130, 131 &132 and Daxara trailer models 106, 107, 126, 127, 136 & 137 and the Erde motorcycle trailer models PM300 and PM310.

Removing the hub cap

Removing the the Erde hubcap can be done by using either wood or rubber mallet to tap the cap on the side at as much of an angle so as to move the cap away from the hub, this should be done while turning the hub slowly. The hub cap should start moving way from the hub and then come away completely. This can be done without damaging the cap but sometimes its so stubborn that the cap can become dented and cannot be refitted and new one is required.

Replacing the Hub Cap

The cap can then be replaced, push in by hand as far as possible and the tap in the centre with a rubber mallet until fully home, this should leave about 14mm of cap above the casting.

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