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Ratchet Wheel Strap – User Instructions


Ratchet wheel strap system to safely strap a vehicle to a transporter trailer. Designed to be used on trailers with a perforated decking, allowing a full choice of location points, the wheel strap system is a safe and reliable method of attaching vehicles to car transporter trailers.

Instructions for Use:

  • Locate the claw hook through the deck, either in front of or behind the vehicle wheel.
  • The long strap section should then be fed behind the vehicles tyre and around the top section of the wheel
  • Ensure that the ‘choker’ section of the strap is positioned horizontally on the outside of the wheel (See picture)
  • Locate the ratchet on the opposite side of the wheel to the claw hook and feed the strap ‘loose end’ through the ratchet drum and take up most of the slack.
  • Wind strap onto drum, allowing at least one full “wrap” on drum before tension is taken up.
  • Tension strap system ensuring that all elements remain in place.
  • Lock the ratchet handle down.
  • To release tension, pull back handle about 135 degrees and locate the quick release lever and hold down then fully open ratchet handle to 180 degrees. Pull on the longer length of strap to remove from slot

Wheel strap fitted