New Kartt Jockey Wheel Range

Premium Jockey Wheels by KarttPremium Jockey Wheels


It’s not often that a new range of products appear in trailer industry especially when we hear about good companies like Bradley Doublelock being taken over and their products rapidly becoming discontinued. So it’s nice to see that Kartt have a range of new Jockey wheels and clamps called the Orange range. They are all fitted with a nice bright orange wheel rim, although this doesn’t seem much it is actually quite useful. Most jockey wheels end their life by being accidentally left down or too low to the ground when driving off, they may last a few miles but that’s about it! So when the final checks are done before towing it is quite easy to see that the Jockey wheel is tucked up out of the way.


That’s not the only thing that sets these jockey wheels apart for others, the gauge of steel used in their construction is higher than most with stronger winding handle and wheel holder. They also use higher quality steel bearing and nylon wheel bearing. To finish they are all tested to twice their recommended capacity.

Choosing the right jockey wheel

Kartt Jockey wheel with pneumatic tyre1000kg trailer with a noseload of 75kg a 42mm diameter tube and and over 1000kg with a noseload of over 75kg a 48mm tube.

With many different sizes of jockey wheel available it might seem quite a daunting task to choose the right one.

If you are replacing an existing wheel then the existing clamp six may dictate the jockey wheel required. Then the amount of nose weight and normal terrain would need to need considered. Normally we would say that a light weight trailer up to 500kg gross with a normal loaded trailer nose load of up to 45kg could use a jockey wheel with a 34mm diameter tube, up to 1000kg trailer with a noseload of 75kg a 42mm diameter tube and and over 1000kg with a noseload of over 75kg a 48mm tube.

This is only a guide, so its best to look at the jockey wheel specifications to ensure the figures given are in excess of your trailer requirements.

The serrated or ribbed tubes give a far better grip on the clamp so not only do they take more weight but are less likely to slip. The amount of pressure needed on the clamp handle is usually a lot less as well.

The wheel itself is quite important, if you are likely to use the trailer or caravan on soft ground then a wide rubber tyre or even a pneumatic tyre would be best.  Otherwise the tyre and size of the wheel fitted on most jockey wheels are designed to take the weight they specify.

The full range of  Jockeys Wheels are available to buy online or in store from our Exeter branch.