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Fitting Instructions for Erde & Daxara Load Bars (BC001)

Important Note:

Erde no longer supply the body strengthening steel braces with the load bars for Erde 120 to 122 and 141 & 142, Daxara 125 to 127 and 146 & 147 models. the load bars can still be fitted to these models but the lid must not be raised when there is a load on the bars otherwise damage to the trailer base and sides may occur.


  1. Place the cover upside down and drill 8 holes in the ABS steel frame cover (using an 8.5mm drill) using the pre-drilled holes at 1 in the steel frame as a guide.
  2. BC001 Erde Load Bars fitting Diagram 1

  3. Loosely assemble the load bars as per the diagram below, using 4 x bolts M8x16 at 3, 8 x M8x50 bolts and M8 nylocks at 2. There are two settings that parts 5 and 6 can be fitted together, the lower holes are correct for all trailers except the 190 models where parts 5 and 6 should be fitted in the higher position.
  4. BC001 Erde Load Bars fitting Diagram 2

  5. Fit the bars to the ABS cover using the 8 x M8x35 bolts with domed heads, flat washers, star washers and plain nuts at 4 as per the diagram below.
  6. BC001 Erde Load Bars fitting Diagram 3

  7. Making sure that the telescopic bar top bar is central and horizontal, tighten all the nuts & bolts.

If you find there are no pre-drilled holes

It is rare, but for models which do not have the pre-drilled holes in the steel frame it will be necessary to drill these holes. Use the spacings as per the following diagram measuring from the front in millimeters.

Trailer TypeABC
120 to 12716075080
141 to 148 and 150 to 158175100080
190 to 198205100080