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How to clean Al-ko Stabiliser Friction Pads

The side friction pads in the AKS 3004 Stabilisers should be monitored for wear, and replaced or cleaned as necessary.

Friction pads can become contaminated during use, this will reduce their stabilising efficiency. ‘Dirty’ friction pads will look like this.

Contaminated Friction Pads

Gently rub the concave surface of the friction pads with a fine grade emery paper. This will remove residue from the surface and prolong friction pad life.

Cleaning the friction pads

We recommend cleaning friction pads in this way before or after every journey to maximise their efficiency.

This is particularly important if you use a diesel towcar and can help relieve creaking/groaning whilst towing.

Clean Friction Pads


Replacement friction pads available at westerntowing.co.uk