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A Guide to Towing a Trailer or Caravan

A Guide to Towing a Trailer or CaravanAre you considering towing a caravan or a trailer? You might be going on holiday, needing to move household items, possibly transport a boat, or you could need to tow as part of  your business. If you are then you will need to familiarise yourself with the current rules and regulations with regards to towing. There is a wealth of things you will need to know before beginning to tow. To help you to be able to stay within the law and tow safely we have created this guide full of advice and tips to support you. read more

How to Fix a Noisy Creaking Caravan Stabiliser

A stabiliser that clamps to the towball, such as the popular Winterhoff WS3000, uses friction pads clamped tightly to the towball. This helps to prevent the caravan or trailer from swaying or snaking, and with some stabilisers, pitching and rolling as well. The pads are made from a similar material to brake linings, so that when in contact with the steel towball they will form a high resistance. read more

New Kartt Jockey Wheel Range

Premium Jockey Wheels by KarttPremium Jockey Wheels


It’s not often that a new range of products appear in trailer industry especially when we hear about good companies like Bradley Doublelock being taken over and their products rapidly becoming discontinued. So it’s nice to see that Kartt have a range of new Jockey wheels and clamps called the Orange range. They are all fitted with a nice bright orange wheel rim, although this doesn’t seem much it is actually quite useful. Most jockey wheels end their life by being accidentally left down or too low to the ground when driving off, they may last a few miles but that’s about it! So when the final checks are done before towing it is quite easy to see that the Jockey wheel is tucked up out of the way. read more

Limited Edition Anniversary Trailer

Continuing our 40th Anniversary celebrations we’re offing a limited edition Anniversary Trailer with many extras as standard, ready to tow away for £499.00 including vat. It’s a mid sized light weight trailer ideal for camping, gardening and general household chores. Maneuverability is easy when using the telecopic jockey wheel included, the removable tail gate makes it easy for loading, emptying and cleaning. It is also equipped with car sized 13″ wheels, so it’s good for long distances. These trailers are in stock and ready to tow away.

So much damage can be caused to a car’s interior when trying to carry awkward, heavy or dirty items, the depreciation or repair costs can easily outweigh the cost of a trailer. read more